The Designer

The designer talks about herself with an open heart, and she speaks to the brides, which have always been her great passion.

Angela Maffeo, designer and creator of the brand “Le Spose di Angy”, opens her world to let you in this new reality in the south of Italy, in a place called Trani, which has been chosen by many famous people to crown their romantic dream.

Her passion was born when she was a child, inspired by her family and constantly breathing the air of precious fabrics, such as French lace. Thanks to her grandmother who joyfully handed down her secrets to the next generation, in the family laboratory Angela learned all the basics and high technical tailoring.

Our Bridal Designer has kept her dream alive for many years, doing important apprenticeship as well as attending high-level studies and higher education courses, until she realised the time had come to make her dream come true: the creation of her own atelier, which is a real tailoring space with exclusive showroom, where brides can express their desires for “the” special day.

The concept of craftsmanship is also to be promoted to the new generations with enthusiasm and passion to make sure that it is not lost over time; this is why Angela Maffeo decided to help the designers of tomorrow, believing in them and implementing selective training courses.

Along with her current collection, the future bride can experience the thrill of wearing a dream: the Collection Privé of Le Spose di Angy 2017, which is the pride of real Made in Italy, from the fabric to the sketch  and finally to the finished garment.

“Made in Italy” is a concept researched all over the world, from fashion to food and art …

“I think we are in an historical time where the artisanship must become again the focus of our beloved Italy!”